Church planting Seminars - CpS


If you are thinking about planting a church or in the beginnings of planting a church. Maybe you are simply just wondering about this area, CpS is totally for you.

Maybe you have even thought about planting a new movement or network... again CpS will help grow this dream in practical ways.  

"I am convinced we need to spark the imagination, and seed once again a multiplication DNA in NZ". Nick Klinkenberg.

It's about imagining tomorrow's about harvest... it's about multiplication... it's about igniting a church planting dream.  WHY plant churches in NZ? There are 3.5 million reasons why! 

If we are serious about reaching NZ, Australia and the Nations we need to think about planting a forest, not just one tree. We need a paradigm shift in our thinking, it's not only about how many disciples we can reproduce, but how many churches could a disciple plant!! 

During the time together we will endeavour to have an envirionment where leaders dream and godly schemers will florish. This is a trans-denominational get-together where we encourage and stir oneanother towards harvest in our spheres of influence.

We NEED new models of churches...the message hasn't changed but there are so many creative possibilties to fulfill the Commission that Jesus gave to us!

"The best way to fulfill Matthew 28 the great commission that Jesus gave to us is to begin new churches". Rick Warren.

Our objective is that networking, planning, dreaming and scheming would take place.

Our hope is that everyone will have take home strategies and plans; and an abundance of new ideas and resources.

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