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‘Multiplication’, will expand your paradigm from not just planting pregnant to planting networks of churches. It will ignite something fresh in you as well as give practical tools for planting churches that plant churches. This timeless book will encourage and move you to rethink the best long term way to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave to us. ‘Multiplication’ clearly outlines why the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. 

Below are some of the 20 pus endorsements... 

In this book, Nick has captured the essence of the greatest challenge the church faces. Planting churches is a critical component in spreading the Good News, not everyone can do it personally therefore it’s all the more important for those who can, to get started. May be you’re not the one to lead the plant? Labourers, prayer warriors and supporters are all essential for a plant to succeed, everyone can get involved, read this book and learn how and why.

Wayne Swift                                                                                                                            National Leader, Apostolic Church Australia.


With 4 decades in Christian Ministry and a vast range of experience, the one topic that I think sums up Nick’s passion and all he lives for is ‘Church Planting’. Multiplication is therefore a book that he is probably more qualified than any to write and one that I believe all leaders should read and allow to shape their future ministry.

 Joel Fryett                                                                                                                                  Senior Pastor Hope Chapel NZ. C3 Church Global


Any book that inspires us to look at engaging in new pioneering endeavours is always a winner in my eyes. This book does exactly that. The challenge to have a vision to see multiplication take place through church planting endeavours will encourage many. It is an apostolic mandate  that will both  motivate and challenge individuals and networks to think beyond their present expectations.

Fraser Hardy                                                                                                                            LinkNZ Network


I have had the privilege of knowing Nick since his first church plant many years ago, and through to today Nick is the ultimate church planting practitioner, not a theoretician. What you read in “Multiplication” has been tried and tested and proven to be effective and fruitful, and will serve as both a “how to” and a reference book along the journey of planting. As a fellow church planter, I hugely respect Nick for both what he has accomplished in church planting, and as a skilled communicator in the art and work of church planting. 

Lloyd Rankin                                                                                                                            National Director, Vineyard Churches Aotearoa New Zealand.



Why Plant Churches [PDF]
This is an excellent article by Tim Keller, on church planting!!!

Journalling - Sanity restored!

What does an Apostle do? [PDF]
This is by Christiaan Bakker, our church planter in Holland, from his thesis that he completed on 'Apostolic leadership' for his Masters. This is in a European context.

Are Your Church Facilities an Obstacle to Growth?
Charles Arn

The Value of Networking
Steve Graham

Breaking Through the 200 Barrier
Dan Reiland, The Pastor's Coach

Breaking Through the 100 Barrier
Dan Reiland, The Pastor's Coach

Culture Trumps Vision
Dr. Sam Chand

3 Challenges Large Churches Face
Dan Reiland

3 Dangers Small Churches Face
Dan Reiland


Publicity Bio & Photos

"Nick and Karen Klinkenberg have been Senior Leaders in New Zealand leading two churches for 26 years. They handed their church over in Hamilton NZ in 2008 and now operate in an overseeing role to a number of churches in NZ and Europe. Nick travels extensively in NZ, Australia, USA and Europe; speaking, coaching and mentoring leaders. He is passionate about, resourcing and developing leaders so dreams are released and ministry multiplies.  

Nick has authored a number of books, “Multiplication”, “Daily Medicine” and “How to start a church for dummies”. After living in Amsterdam for a number of years, Nick and Karen now live in Cambridge New Zealand. He travels to Europe at least three time a year where his passion is to ignite church planting movements. 

Karen is a full time funeral director, which she loves. Nick and his wife Karen have been married since 1978, and have three adult sons and five grandchildren. 

Karen’s life scripture is 2 Peter 1:3. Nick’s life scripture is Eph 3:20-21."


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